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wax sculpture, curtain sculpture, wax curtain sculpture, fiber sculpture
(touch curtain) myth of fingerprints
wax on monofilament
approx. 20' long and more than 10' high

Decribed in Clevescene by Charles Yannopoulos, "...brand of simplicity is compelling. These installations, formed from fiber and wax, energize the gallery space: They are both familiar and strange all at once. "Touch Curtain," for instance, is an installation consisting of monofilament and wax. It indeed resembles a curtain -- except that the threads hanging from the ceiling look like human hair, and the chunks of dried wax melted onto the falling hair make it resemble a strange plant form. What is happening here? The piece's fluidity and sense of weightlessness recall plants that thrive under water (in the ocean, the deeper you go, the stranger the life forms get). Although the artist's statement emphasizes our "inability to decide on fixed experiences and definitions," the forms are thought-provoking, and that, finally, is what counts."