• theater collab

    theater collab

    when I got an email from director Angela Bonacasa wondering about an inflatable Henry VIII that could be (repeatedly) stabbed by two of his dead queens, how could I say anything but yes? Pic by Michelle Handley shows Anne Boleyn making good use of her knitting needle in the April 2022 UMaine production of Six Dead Queens and an Inflatable Henry.

  • Rare Maine plants focus for All Smalls work

    Rare Maine plants focus for All Smalls work

    my entry to the Rock and Art Shop's All Smalls exhibition this year focused on three rare plants in Maine: the Hairy Arnica (detail pictured here), Three-seeded mercury, and Wild garlic. Our state doesn't track or designate plants as endangered, so the "rare" status is an indicator of scarcity.

    the exhibition runs Nov. 9-Dec.24, 2021




    Each year, A CLEARING invites Maine-based artists, writers, musicians, dancers, et al. to make work in conversation with a chosen poem. This recurring creative cycle is called A POSSIBLE PRACTICE. In 2020, artists spent the year in conversation with “The World Keeps Ending, and the World Goes On” by Franny Choi.


  • Hairstory




    January 3 – February 29
    First Fridays, 6 – 10pm
    January 3 + February 7

    Artists Megan Bostic, Andy Mauery, and Rosemary Meza-DesPlas use hair to explore themes of grief, mortality, craft, environment, femininity and power. Curated by Annah Lee.

  • Fuller Craft Museum 2020 Members Biennial

    Fuller Craft Museum 2020 Members Biennial

    This pretty girl, patriarchal orifice #2: Boloria frigga (Frigga Fritillary), is going to the Fuller Craft Museum in January!

  • devolve at 3S Artspace

    devolve at 3S Artspace

    "devolve" runs through November 11, 2019, at 3S Artspace in Portsmouth, NH. Follow link for description of show, directions to gallery, and calendar of the amazing programming offered by 3S!


  • Belfast Poetry Festival

    Visit the Belfast Poetry Festival on Saturday, Oct. 18-19th, to enjoy collaborations between poets and artists! Poetry, Performance, and Visual Arts presentation begins at 6:30pm on Saturday, Oct. 19th. More information here: belfastpoetry.com/

    I was blessed to be paired with poet Lisa Panepinto, and I will provide links to the reading/performance when they become available.

  • Research trip

    Research trip

    Kew Herbarium: Pinch me

  • Oracle open in Sykes Gallery, Millersville, PA

    Oracle open in Sykes Gallery, Millersville, PA

    Oracle opened in Sykes Gallery at Millersville University on June 22nd

    Happy to have met some of the gallery committee while installing, as well as working with an amazing crew. Old friends, new friends. The Mid Atlantic Fibers Association meeting kicked in after I left, hopefully they enjoyed it. Going back for an artist lecture at the de-install in September!

  • Solo show at 3S Artspace in fall 2019!

    You know when you get really excited about a space, and love their programming and how they get things done and you think, "I'd like to be a part of that!?" I get to be a part of that! An open call with a happy ending: Huge excitement for upcoming solo exhibition at 3S Artspace in Portsmouth, NH.


  • Twisted, Twined, and Woven at Cahoon Museum gets some press

    Patriot writeup

    "...a feathery floor-to-ceiling hanging column (by sculptor Andy Mauery) that drifts with the breeze from each passerby, is fashioned from wavy strands of human hair, stitched together with intricate thread designs representing the lives of endangered animals – the artist’s rendition of what her biography calls our “interconnectedness with nature.”

  • Cahoon Museum

    Cahoon Museum

    So happy to be invited to exhibit in "Twisted, Twined, and Woven" at the Cahoon Museum of American Art this November!

  • devolve exhibition

    devolve exhibition

    Some of the collaborative work done with Sally Molloy is on exhibit in "devolve," a solo show at Lord Hall Galleries at UMaine, open through September 22

  • OPP Blog Feature Artist

    Thanks, OPP, for interviewing me as your feature artist for March 21st! I've always enjoyed reading your blog. Stacia made it a painless process, and invited me to mention my favorite artists, too--always fun


  • Peripheral Vision Salon 2017

    Please check out Peripheral Vision Salon 2017: I am really happy to have been juried into this great group of artists!

    Peripheral Vision Salon 2017

  • Quietus


    "Quietus" opens today, very happy to be part of this five-artist exhibition curated by Nathan Lewis at 301 Gallery at Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA. Reception Saturday, Oct. 21st, can't wait to meet everyone involved



  • Coordination


    Greatly enjoyed "Coordination", hosted by the gracious Claire Rau at The Front in Nola, opened in August. A three-person show with Lars Anderson and Bonnie Maygarden.

  • A.R.T. (Artists Resource Trust) Grant

    A.R.T. (Artists Resource Trust) Grant

    Very honored to have received a grant from the A.R.T. Fund from the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, in support of my project, "devolve"


  • Thanks to The University of Maine Humanities Center

    Thanks to The University of Maine Humanities Center

    The University of Maine Humanities Center is providing some funding for our collaborative project. I'm working with Dr. Sally Molloy to learn about bacteriophage, and we'll be creating glass, fiber, sculpture works. I love the pictures they chose of me and Sally, had to laugh. So much fun, so far! Test firing kilns, knotting knots, sketching, sketching, sketching...

  • Interviewed by Julia Marx for Hair's How, Russia, summer 2016

    Interviewed by Julia Marx for Hair's How, Russia, summer 2016


    That middle image is one of my, "rapunzels." It is in such glamorous company...I'd like to thank Julia for her patience, and excellent music suggestions!

  • Cambridge, UK

    Cambridge, UK

    Here is "y'old bat" hanging out in the art tent, one of seven pieces at Changing Spaces pop-up gallery at the Big Weekend, in Cambridge, UK

  • Happy to have a work be a part of this great event!

    BODY/Space is a one-night gallery exhibition that will be held on March 19th at Rabbithole Gallery in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

    Our mission is to create a shame-free and inclusive space for people to explore and connect with their bodies through art. In creating this space, we hope viewers discover new ways to approach their relationship to their own body and feel moved to examine cultural expectations about how bodies should “be”.

    Come join us for an evening of visual art created by the fantastic women in our community, curated by Creative Girls of NYC (http://www.meetup.com/NYC-Artists/) and several live performances that aim to open up the dialogue around the expansive theme of BODY.

  • Eco Art, Gallery 1313

    Eco Art, Gallery 1313

    Pleased to be part of this international group exhibition at Gallery 1313, a not-for-profit, charitable artist-run centre located in the Parkdale neighbourhood of downtown Toronto. Gallery 1313 is equally an artist run centre exhibiting local, national and international contemporary art. The gallery’s four unique exhibition spaces house over 70 exhibitions and many cultural events each year.

  • Fun 2016 exhibition

    Fun 2016 exhibition

    Mailing a piece off to London! CHROMA is proud to present the first in a series of curatorial experiments, commencing at Safehouse 1 in January 2016. The project launches with CHROMA: Red Issue and will present over 50 works from both national and international artists. A collection of works made in isolation from one another with a colour being the only given commonality, the show will explore the conversations the works can and are forced to have through their curation and what elements of association are generated to form a narrative or dialogue. The show will experiment with the possibilities of language as a response to something inherently visual, and the relationship between this collective chromatic discourse and each individual work.

  • some 2015 shows

    Shipped a crowning glory out to the 53rd International Show at the San Diego Art Institute, juror David A. Ross. Also, I'm lucky to have a piece in the April 2015 group exhibition, "The Earth Speaks, " at ARTSPACE gallery in Pennsylvania. The juror is Patricia Lea Watts, founder and west coast curator of ecoartspace. A flax rapunzel is participating in Folktales & Legends at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, spring/summer 2015. This summer I have a painting in "Art by America 2015 Juried Exhibition: A National Review of Two-Dimensional Contemporary Art," in Chicago.

  • Trans_porta

    Patricia Villalobos Echeverria included my audio recording in her recent work, trans_porta sivar. trans_porta is an art project that collects memories of events and experiences related to cars. It investigates notions of transport, movement and migration, while considering our relationship to the car as an object, space, desire, weapon, etc. As a component of this project, trans_porta sivar consists of a series of rides through San Salvador’s urban district in a Ford Crestliner from the 1950’s. A sound piece incorporating multiple voices and stories from trans_porta plays continuously in the car’s interior.

    trans_porta sivar is part of ADAPTE, a series of public interventions organized by a collective of artists from El Salvador.

    To see some of the saved streams go to [http://www.ustream.tv/channel/trans-porta-sivar]


    Thank you to the Maine Arts Commission, who provided me support in the form of a Good Idea Grant. As all good projects go, the work has spilled into 2015, with continuing research on endangered species in New England and New York. I'm creating curtains and crowns of hair, a series of works that focus on the regional, protected flora and fauna of the places I visit and study.

  • COLLABORATIVE: Pigeon Project in Bangor

    I am lucky to have been a part of this one: Check out this great collaborative project in Bangor, featuring the work of over 50 artists working with the Exquisite Corpse format. My contributions are seen in the local coverage, which was fun; and more importantly, it is drawing attention to abandoned houses in our local neighborhoods. Pigeon, Susan Smith, and the neighbors give great responses in these clips.