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pine, hair art, environmental art, art poetry collaboration
lover's hair (pine)
human and acrylic hair, cotton and polyester thread
18" x 11" x 3.5"

ponytail stitched with image of pine bough. Made in collaboration with poet Lisa Panepinto, for the Belfast Poetry Festival, October 2019.

wisdom for the wound

i knelt in my garden holding blossoms
the smell like honey
a neighbor came outside saying bigotry

from across the fence
that language is hurtful please don’t
say it anymore i said in the sunbeams

he called red sumacs weeds
though they are medicinal flames
wilted by a pale hand

sumac told me trees and horses
were friends of my mother
it’s men who start wars

it’s women who take care of one another
all wars stopped that’s what i like
prejudice should be illegal

copyright Lisa Panepinto, from, where i come from the fish have souls (spuyten duyvil, 2019)