Collaborations+Projects > Belfast Poetry Festival 2019

salmon, environmental art, interconnected species
watercolor on soluble paper
11" long
detail, lover's hair (pine)
human hair and acrylic fiber, thread
pine, hair art, environmental art, art poetry collaboration
human and acrylic hair, cotton and polyester thread
18" x 11" x 3.5"

I was invited to participate in the 15th Annual Belfast Poetry Festival in 2019. The Belfast Poetry Festival is one of the few community-based, non-academic poetry festivals in the United States, and this year's event combines variety show, art exhibit, and literary showcase.

I was very fortunate to be paired with poet Lisa Panepinto, a generous and talented soul. We first "traded" works, then began creating in response to the other's words/images. At the festival, Lisa read two poems while images of the artworks were projected on a large screen behind her.
our presentation is at time mark 57:15--1:03:50